Walter Perceval Yetts

Walter Perceval Yetts (* 1878; † 1957) war ein britischer Mediziner, Kunsthistoriker und Fotosammler.


  • Catalogue of the Chinese & Corean bronzes, sculpture, jades, jewellery and miscellaneous objects : The George Eumorfopoulos Collection. London : Benn, 1929-1932
    • Vol. 1 Bronzes: Ritual and other vessels, weapons, etc.
    • Vol. 2 Bronzes: Bells, drums, mirrors, etc.
  • Moule, A. C. & Yetts, W. Perceval: The Rulers Of China 221 B.C. - A.D. 1949 Chronological Tables Compiled By A. C. Moule. With a Section on the Earlier Dynasties by W. Perceval Yetts. London: Routledge & Kegan Paul 1957 ("Yetts provides information of the rulers of China from 2100-249BC.")

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